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“Planet of the Blog” is a Doctor Who group blog. Its editor-in-chief, I guess, is Alex Daily.


When this blog was first set up on 12 December 2023, it ran on version 1.7.1 ClassicPress, a fork of WordPress 4.9. Today it’s running ClassicPress 1.7.1. It will probably run on future versions of ClassicPress, too. One WordPress plugin is used; Modern Footnotes, which provides the snazzy footnotes you’ll see all over the place here.

This blog uses a custom theme called Watching Here, based on the theme Blogging Here from Alex Daily’s blog, which is based on the Underscores skeleton theme.


Unless stated otherwise, all original material on this blog is © the Planet of the Blog bloggers in perpetuity to the extent allowed under applicable copyright law. Unauthorised reproduction of that material may, on a case-by-case basis, be treated as an infringement of our legal rights.

No writing or images generated by a generative large language model or text-to-image generator will ever appear here, and nobody will ever have our consent or permission to train either of those or any similar technology on anything that appears here or in any other context associated with this blog in any way.

Data collection

We do not intentionally collect any tracking data about any visitor of this blog, but some information may be collected when visitors make the choice to post comments.

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